HRANA FINA - Croatian Anatomical and Physiological Terminology is a project of the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine performed in cooperation with other Croatian universities with medical schools. This project has a two-pronged aim:

  1. building of Croatian anatomical and physiological terminology and
  2. Croatian anatomical and physiological terminology usage popularization between health professionals, medical students, scientists and translators.

The project supports the strategic values of Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) and fits into two basic areas of National Strategy for Science Development (development of information technology and sociocultural transition from an industrial society to a knowledge-based society). In order to fulfill the aims, project website will be established, manual of Croatian anatomical and physiological terminology will be made, and terminology workshops will be organized. Also, the data base of Croatian anatomical and physiological terms with their definitions and equivalents in English will be developed following the recommendations of the National Coordinator for Development of Croatian Professional Terminology. Internationally recognized experts from Croatian universities with medical faculties and linguistics experts will be involved in the project. Formed that way, the project will enhance Croatian professional terminology and Croatian language in general, increase competitiveness of Croatian scientists on international level and facilitate the involvement of Croatian scientists, health care providers and medical students in European projects. For more inquiries please contact us via e-mail at